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Package of services "BUISINESS"

Designed for medium businesses.

The list of services included in the package can be found in Table 1.

  • Package time: 30 hours per month
  • The cost of the service package: 20000,00 UAH (twenty thousand) per month
  • Payment: 100% subscription
  • Discount on other company services: 10%

In case of exceeding the time of using the company`s services per month then it determined by the terms of the selected service package, the company's remuneration is calculated based on the hourly rate of the specialist*:

  • Legal advisor – 400,00 UAH/per hour
  • Assistant of the lawyer – 800,00 UAH/per hour
  • Lawyer – 1200,00 UAH/per hour
  • Partner-lawyer – 1600,00 UAH/per hour

* the amount of the hourly rate of work of the specialist, noted above, is applied exclusively to work with clients with whom the Agreement on subscriber service is concluded.

In order to fulfill the obligations regarding «lawyer's services» in the «BUSINESS» Package, in addition to concluding the Subscription Service Agreement, it is necessary to conclude an Agreement on the provision of legal services with the the lawyer's DMYTRO ZABAVSKYI`S Law Office:

  • agreement with the Company - as a basis for confirmation of the legal relationship between the company and the lawyer on the implementation of the lawyer's on the implementation of the lawyer's client's instructions;

Remuneration of the Lawyer's work under the above-mentioned Agreements is included in the cost of the service package.

With a one-time payment of the entire package for a period of one year, the discount is 10%.

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