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Subscriber legal service

Subscriber legal service is one of the main ways of working of DMYTRO ZABAVSKYI`S Law Office. As many years of experience in this area have shown, this approach to choosing a legal partner (advisor) is more reliable and economically justified, which allows the client to independently determine the number of legal services needed to meet the needs of his company.

Subscriber legal service is a comprehensive legal service of the client for all legal issues, which appear in a process of carrying out economic activity by him, that allow to avoid acceptance of mistakable decisions, to reduce financial and commercial risks, and resolve existing problems.

Such a comprehensive legal service allows professionals of law office to quickly resolve any issues in favor of the client in the legal field in accordance with knowledge about different nuances of the functionating of his business. Such a comprehensive service allows the law office in the legal field to quickly resolve any conflict situation in favor of the client, given the awareness of all the nuances of the operation of his business.

The main advantage of the subscriber service of the business is the guarantee of timely receipt qualified legal support for a monthly subscription fee, wherein:

  • the client legally saves money when paying taxes and necessary payments for the salary of a full-time lawyer, and also get rid of additional business expenses (maintenance of the lawyer's workplace, providing him with regulations and specialized literature);
  • a whole team of lawyers will work for the client, and he will pay for the services of one lawyer;
  • qualified specialists of the concrete field of law, always ready answers to any questions of the client;
  • we don’t go on vacation, we are not sick and we are not fired for career growth and higher salary;
  • we guarantee the confidentiality, quality and timeliness of giving our services, as we bear economic and legal responsibility for it and are responsible for it with our reputation.

Understanding the specification of the client`s business, we are ready to prepare and implement legal mechanisms for the protection of his interests, control the work of such a mechanism, and resolve issues that arise. Due to above measures, our interfere in the client`s business will be minimal, but protection and effectiveness will be maximum.

At the same time, we will not build our career on you and we will not require for a promotion at work, in the terms of saving individual entrepreneur, social package, other material costs connected with the maintenance of staff, you only pay a fixed subscription fee, which doesn’t depend on currency fluctuating and inflation jumps, or use one-time services in case of urgent need.

With the purpose to avoid recklessness of expenses, our company carries a preliminary analysis of the success of resolving a future issue for legal intervention, which leads to a reduction in future expenses, because we are directly responsible for ensuring the result.

We are not an enemy of a full-time lawyer, because our goal is to help him to resolve more specific issues.

Subscriber legal services make it possible to ensure the clarity of contractual relations, to create a balance of financial and legal interests, diagnose business activity, identify and eliminate risks, forecast the tax burden, reduce costs, increase the efficiency of work in general.

The high experience of our team is confirmed by many years of practice in supporting the activities of companies in various sectors of the economy.

Our team consists of professional lawyers, each of whom specializes in a particular legal field.

We are ready to offer you three main service packages that are most often used by our customers, which will satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding clients.

Package of services "ENTREPRENEUR"

Package of services "BUISINESS"

Package of services "CORPORATION"

Our advantages over companies that offer similar services:

  • Dmytro Zabavskyi`s Law Office employs exclusively lawyers with many years of experience, who have a certain specialization;
  • The Law Office has been working in the legal market for over 10 years.
  • The Law Office started its legal traditions 40 years ago, that is why we apply time-tested legal traditions in our work;;
  • The lawyers, working in the Law Office, are also arbitrators since 2008;
  • The head and founder of the Law Office is the Chairman of the Arbitration Court, which was founded in 2008 and is still working fruitfully today.

If you do not see a way out of a difficult situation, it does not mean that there is no way out. Trust the professionals! We will be glad to see YOU among our partners!