Welcome to the Law Office of DMYTRO ZABAVSKYI`S

We are grateful, that among the huge number of domestic and foreign law Firms, that propose consulting and legal services on the Ukrainian market, you have chosen DMYTRO ZABAVSKYI`S Law Office.

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Subscriber legal service

Subscriber legal service is one of the main ways of working of DMYTRO ZABAVSKYI`S Law Office. As many years of experience in this area have shown, this approach to ...

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Arbitration tribunal

Dmytro Zabavskyi`s Law Office is part of the Legal Consulting group companies, that formed the Ukrainian Legal Foundation Association, under which the Permanent Court of Arbitration is registered.

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Legal security of real estate

In order to reduce (minimize) risks for real estate buyers or even prevent their occurrence, Law Office "DMITRO ZABAVSKY" offers services to ensure the legal security of real estate sales.

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